Marset showroom in New York


Marset showroom in New York

A ground-floor store in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. A new location to represent the lighting brand in the USA. A monochrome and neutral space (beige in color) is defined, where to emphasize the products and their different light nuances. An exhibition system in raw MDF serves as a support and frame of reference for the exhibited products.


A series of pieces that furnish the space, commissioned to designers from the city of Barcelona, ​​accompany the products on display. The L armchair by Jaume Ramirez, the UP tables by Júlia Esqué, the ceramic benches by Xavi Mañosa, the Rock & Stainless steel Table by Max Enrich and the Bold tables in solid Galician chestnut wood with chairs and stools designed by Isaac Pineiro. On the mezzanine floor, where a large work table is located, there is an interior terrace with outdoor products. A large granite table and a matching pergola designed by Stefano Colli and Max Enrich for the occasion, a tribute to truss beams for concerts, define one more space to be in good company and in a friendly space.

A special thanks to the guests of the project: @jaumeramirezstudio (armchair L), @juliaesque (UP tables) @apparatu Xavi Mañosa (ceramic benches) @isaac_pineiro (chestnut tables) @maxenrich (Rock & Stainless SteelTable coffee table/table and outdoor pergola)
Photos: Alex Barreto

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