Dhub’s boardroom


Dhub’s boardroom

Designing a new boardroom for the Dhub was considered from the outset as a ‘tribute project’. Instead of envisioning something entirely ‘new’, our intention was to reconfigure a previous room that had been designed by Jordi Badia and Marcos Catalan in the original project for those spaces: a spacious, significant room with plenty of personality and memorability. We decided to refurbish that room that had been dismantled for another purpose.


We intentionally reclaimed pre-existing elements, some of which were stored and forgotten. The perimeter curtain, the meeting table, the furniture and accessories, the lounge areas; all these elements were reintroduced, adding only the modular white ‘Tria’ furniture at the back and the two suspension lamps above the meeting table.

We painted the floor and walls black using CO2-based paint. A new presentation screen was installed behind the curtains as a welcoming gesture, and different lighting scenes have been programmed to mark specific moments in the room: relaxation, waiting, meeting, etc.

Making the most of and reusing, extending the lifespan of several existing elements instead of changing for the sake of change, was our advice and focus in the project.

CO2 black paint: Biofortech from OurCarbon
Lighting Design: Anoche
Container furniture: ‘Tria’ from Mobles 114
Pendant lamps: ‘Bohemia’ from Marset Iluminación
Various existing elements: Santa & Cole, Mobles114, nanimarquina, and other suppliers in the museum

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