Phoenix flagship stores

Phoenix Village

Phoenix flagship stores

Phoenix Village is a leader in the production and distribution of textiles for the Chinese market, with a turnover of € 168 million in 2012.


The task was to design the flagship stores within the framework of a brand redefinition project, coordinated by the Barcelona studio Mayúscula Brands, with the intention of reaching a more select internal audience and launching a strategy for raising the brand’s the international profile.


To date, we have designed two stores, of 1300 and 1700 m2, taking on those issues characteristic of the market and the local culture, such as applying the precepts of feng shui, or the need to incorporate specific spaces for the tea ceremony within the sales establishment. A commission bursting with passion, where interior design and graphic identity are coordinated and come together as one from the outset.


Project: Stefano Colli

Art direction, graphic identity and branding: Mayúscula Brands

Phoenix Village
Keqiao, Guangzhou (China)