Manual of corporate interior design and sales point

Pan Pan

Manual of corporate interior design and sales point

One of the challenges of this project was to take the value of the product (artisan bread of the highest quality) and transfer that to its point of sale.


Through a set of carefully selected materials and components, we have placed the venues belonging to this chain of bakeries on the scale between exquisite and anonymous, so the product can be impeccably displayed, and become the true star of the show.


The “carrara”white marble and glass countertop is one example of how elegant materials and simple shapes come together to create a functional and contemporary look, which combines flawlessly with the use of materials that evoke tradition, such as untreated pine, the white tiles placed in a herringbone pattern, or the aluminium screens (made up of traditional chains)that we fitted to the ceiling to cover the lighting and fittings.


In this way, the project as a whole turns Pan Pan into so much more than just another bakery; it is an establishment where you can find traditional bread, with quality that is as great as ever.


Project: Stefano Colli y Eugenio Martinez

Art direction, graphic identity and Branding: Mayúscula Brands

Naming: NomNam (Xavier Grau)

Pan Pan