OBBIO Ecological Supermarket


OBBIO Ecological Supermarket

“Supermarket, supernatural” is the motto of the OBBIO project

Ecological, biological and natural products are being increasingly demanded by consumers and the offer has grown although specialized points of sale remain small, small in size and with a non-contemporary language. OBBIO intends, in this same sector, to rethink the classic format of urban supermarket with a friendly and sincere space where to offer a wide assortment of food products accompanied by a bulk product, natural cosmetics, utensils, bookstore and bakery.

The premises of Ronda Sant Pere 47 in Barcelona has 700m2 and has three accesses, two of them open directly to the street for customers, and a third access Smaller goes to warehouse and staff entrance.
The most decisive decision of the project has been to treat the premises in crude looking for a single color that turns the container into a neutral background; The dark gray chosen for the pavement, the ceiling and the highest part of the walls aims to unify and remove all kinds of prominence to the premises. The three-layer pine wood board covers the walls in a plinth marking the height of the product.
In the two main accesses to the street are the bakery and the collection counters and customer service. These spaces have been treated with some differential material, such as galvanized steel counters, clay floors or vitrified brown ceramic that is also used for the bottoms of the signage.


Project: Stefano Colli
Photography: Leo García
Graphic Identity Project: Run
Collaborators: Gianfranco La Cognata, Mireia Esmatges, Andrea Vallvé, Pol Domènech.
Lighting Design: (Anoche) Jordi Ballesta
Engineering: MG Ingenieros, Cesar Martínez