Marset showroom in New York


Marset showroom in New York

This project aimed to create a multi-purpose space where you can work, hold meetings, display products and organise events to push the brand message in the American market. In line with other spaces that have been designed for this firm, the product on display and its features must take centre stage.


Taking this premise as the starting point, we designed a simple display system, made up of plywood panels separated from the walls by vertical rods. Additionally, round discs of different sizes, made from the same materials and fitted at varying heights, perform the function of covering the false ceiling, providing a support to which lamps can be fitted.


The fast and flexible fixation system makes this easy to replace, conferring the system with great versatility, working as a neutral and uniform backdrop against which a broad variety of products can be displayed.


Project: Stefano Colli

Photography: Anna Huix y Jara Varela

New York City