Marset showroom in Barcelona


Marset showroom in Barcelona

This unusual space, based on the showroom of Marset lighting company, is hidden away in an interior patio in the neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi.


With the aim of ensuring that the spotlight is kept on the product and that this firm can showcase its collection in a simple and clean way, without interference, we decided to paint this industrial-looking venue completely white. As such, a neutral yet pleasant atmosphere is created, providing the perfect backdrop to show off the brand’s diverse product range.


For the design of the display system, we drew inspiration from the way planks of pine are stacked and dried by sawyers. Thanks to this layout, the space is versatile and feels natural. It is a system that can be adapted over time to suit the new collections that the firm presents, a necessary requirement for business to continue to be carried out within the space.


For the outdoor area, we designed a gazebo structure using iron rods of different thicknesses and a long stone tabletop on two levels, which can serve as a support during product launches. Furthermore, an exquisite selection of plants plays across the contrasting colors and shapes between one station and another; a carefully executed plan from landscaper José Farriol.


Project: Stefano Colli y Eugenio Martínez
Photography: José Luis Hausmann