Marset Headquarters


Marset Headquarters

We have been working for Marset for more than 25 years; It has been one of our first customers. Together we have designed their first offices in Badalona, many stands and showrooms in Barcelona, New York, Cologne and Milan. This last project has been developed as a continuation of the previous ones, understanding the design of the interior spaces as an important element of branding capable of generate brand value.


The new headquarters of the Marset lighting brand occupies a set of industrial buildings that have been renovated to adapt the existing structure to the needs of the company. The complex is based on a main body of offices on the first and ground floor on the Rubí road, and three warehouses connected between them that have been renovated located in the back towards of the C-16 highway and a four-storey tower that is located in the far left of the offices where the Showroom is now located.


The interior design and architectural reform project has been carried out in different time phases that correspond to different needs.


In a first phase, the adequacy of the warehouses for the manufacture, storage and dispatch of the products have been prioritized, which consists of a color study for the walls and floors, capable of generate a comfort state and a clear relationship with the rest of the spaces to reform. In therms of lighting, large lamps of the same catalog of the company have been used, in addition large windows facing south have been opened to generate large areas with natural lighting.


Offices and Services
Then the renovation of the front building was carried out with the offices on the first floor and the services on the ground floor. In addition to the opened work areas, changing rooms, a recreation room and the canteen have been designed to generate socialization spaces for all workers employed in the company.


In collaboration with the landscape architect Josep Farriol we have developed a landscaping project in front of the main facades of the buildings with the intention of offering comfortable outdoor spaces where you can stay, rest and organize corporate events. The vegetation that defines different areas and that invades the facades of the offices and the tower of the Showroom becomes a unifying element that makes the reformed industrial complex closer.


In the Tower that is located to the left of the body of offices the Showroom of the company is located. The north and east facades have been opened by dismantling the existing prefabricated concrete slabs replacing them with two curtain walls that turn the building into a large glass window facing the street.


Project: Stefano Colli
Photography: Leo García
Landscaping: Project Jose Farriol and Stefano Colli
Collaborators: Gianfranco La Cognata, Mireia Esmatges, Andrea Vallvé, Pol Domenech, Carlota Escabia
Engineering: IPAE, Ton Fumado

Offices, Showrooms