Linea Inmobiliaria’s Office

Linea Inmobiliaria

Linea Inmobiliaria’s Office

The large glass areas that form the storefront provide a great opportunity to show off the domestic character that predominates inside this real estate office, located at street level in the heart of Andorra.


It is a space that has been designed to allow customers to be received in a relaxed way, as opposed to in a business setting. Of particular note is the use of elements from the world of construction, such as using pine beams for additional furnishings, the U-Glass shelving and the brickwork painted on the walls: Items taken straight from the building site are turned into a sincere and friendly homage, providing a positive and cheery message in a sector that has suffered something of a downturn.


Project: Stefano Colli
Graphic identity: BAG Disseny

Linea Inmobiliaria