Gustavo Gili’s Office

Gustavo Gili

Gustavo Gili’s Office

Publishing company Gustavo Gili asked us to get involved in their new offices, located in a flat on Vía Laietana. The problem they faced was that these offices, despite being fully equipped for use, lacked identity. The publishing company was worried about losing the unique style that their previous headquarters had.


Our involvement consisted of giving the space and calm and comfortable feel that was also distinctive, painting the room all one colour, a dark navy blue; a shade specifically chosen to play against the space’s great natural light. In terms of furniture, we chose to adopt a design that could be adapted to meet the needs of each individual work station.


The plywood tables, their tops covered with linoleum, were fitted with shelving, filing spaces, connection to the mains supply and adjustable lighting. The bespoke shelving units were built using a structure of iron rods and profiled shelves with Uglass, or with the same plywood in the case of the wardrobe in the entranceway.


Finally, we brought back and restored some of the building’s original elements, such as the armchairs in the meeting room, some old closed chestnut bookshelves, and some elegant Thonet tables and chairs.


Project: Stefano Colli

Photography: Nil Calvarons

Gustavo Gili