Banco Madrid’s headquarters in Barcelona

Banco Madrid

Banco Madrid’s headquarters in Barcelona

In line with the corporate interior design manual that we designed for Banco Madrid, we completely reformed the Barcelona headquarters of this private banking entity.


As part of the application of this corporate project, the first floor was extended, with a lift and a new stairwell incorporated, and two separate areas were defined.


In the first, dedicated to the customers, the atmosphere is exclusive and domestic, transmitting respect for tradition and the most positive brand values. This tradition is echoed throughout the spaces thanks to very select furnishings, showing among the modern design classics, timeless pieces whose value remains unchanged despite the passage of time.


These elements helped us to build a clear message around the concept of exclusivity, transmitting a robust and cultured style. The second area is for the employees to work in, where open spaces were defined, with the inclusion of communal tables to encourage internal synergies, for collaboration and participation. The finishes in these work spaces are intended to meet functional needs, so lighting, practicality and efficiency become the top priorities.


Project: Stefano Colli

Photography: Xavi Torrent

Banco Madrid