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“When you know that there is only one person who will understand you and do everything he thinks will be the best to achieve it, and besides he gets you think that it was your idea, this is Stefano!”



PuntoConsulting + Retail Experiences — BN

“The order was perfectly understood by Stefano and his team. The process, when solving the challenges posed, was agile and effective. We are delighted with the final result and the way he works. A sincere and elegant project that perfectly represents the essence of Punto Consulting. We can not be more pleased!”


Arnau Blanc


“For drawing up an interior environment around betevé, we needed reinforcement. Due to earlier collaborations with Stefano we knew he was the right person to understand the language of the brand and find an interesting solution that would meet the requirements of the newsroom and other interior applications to the spaces.


Stefano understood our need to reflect the new identity and the aim of the La Mirada Imperfecta campaign in the newsroom. Together we found the perfect balance of simplicity, forcefulness and solidity.”


Rafa Martínez


“Stefano Colli, is your project ally. Mainly it is what I look for in my collaborators; allies with talent, empathy and ability to work. Stefano and his team belong to a small group of studios within architecture, rare avis, capable of working equitably with all kinds of professionals, side by side, in a humane and respectful manner. It is a pleasure and a privilege to have the support of Stefano.”


Alex Dobaño (AVANTI)

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“When I thought about which would be the perfect architect for OBBIO, one of the largest organic food supermarkets in Barcelona, I had no doubts. Stefano is an exceptional professional. It combines neatness, refinement, creativity and the ability to make things authentic. In Stefano there is no artifice, he is an architect committed to the project from all angles: with the spirit, with its functionality, and with the budget that he wants to allocate. He also managed to provide us with the right industrialists to carry out some jobs, and he efficiently managed the timings. The result was a contemporary space that brought together all the ingredients we had in mind, but in its best version, and new ideas that clearly exceeded expectations. A complete success.”


Elena Díaz Morera (OBBIO)


“Working with Stefano was a dream trip. We managed, together with Ingrid Picanyol (graphic designer) and the rest of the team, to give value to the soul of a 14th century farmhouse, respecting its history and leaving a touch of its own identity. As if it had remained intact over time, as if it had never been mistreated.
The work team, the interactions, the opinions and the doubts were accepted and reinterpreted perfectly. What struck me the most on a personal level was the management of setbacks: when you have someone by your side who assumes responsibility and reinvents himself at every step, you feel in safe hands, and so it was with Stefano.”

Carlos Pinedo Pizzolante (MasVell)

logo arkoslight


“We entrusted Stefano Colli’s studio with the design of our stand at Light & Building. Without a doubt, we found exactly what we were looking for, and exactly what we needed: a professional who, through the prysm of architecture and design, was able to internalise the needs of our company.


Together we have managed to add differential value to our presence at the trade fair, bringing in the know-how that only such a respected designer and architect can provide.”


Luís Latras
Logo Luminoso_Stand BD

“To achieve success in a project, as is true in life, you have to know how to pick your travelling companions. It isn’t easy to find the right fit for every situation, and those like Stefano Colli, who are willing to join the team without taking the limelight are few and far between. He brings a natural professionalism to the task at hand, getting inside the client’s head to protect their interests. For me, earning your trust is as important as offering talent. And if you get both those things, you know the end of the road is going to be a easier to reach.”


Ramón Úbeda

“The signage and the equipment for our offices turned out to be an effective and practicable project; it has been greatly appreciated by our clients and employees.


The working methods used were of great interest to us, when collaborating with Stefano Colli and the graphic design studio Natural, which embodied a continuous interaction between the graphic communication project and the design of the spaces.”


Francesc Civit

“Stefano Colli and his team were able to grasp CEJN’s needs and philosophy in no time at all. They were able to translate the brief quickly and easily into a truly functional space, allowing us to interact with our product and boost the CEJN brand at the same time. The showroom is elegant and austere, with that Swedish touch that defines who we are.”


Albert Cuspinera

“A unique and evocative solution, demonstrating continuous creativity throughout the process. This sustainable project is adapted excellently to fit its context, and is technically flawless.”


Ramón Benedito
Logo Trazado

“Stefano Colli provided an effective solution in record time when we challenged him with reforming our new offices in the centre of Barcelona. He turned what were characterless offices into a timeless space, giving it a unique identity of high environmental quality. It wasn’t an easy transformation, but everyone was very comfortable from the first day.”


Mónica Gili

“When a professional relationship is maintained for more than 20 years, it’s because it has moved on from confidence based on the results achieved, to a state of complicity. For this reason, all of the many projects we have undertaken with Stefano Colli and his studio, no matter how complex, always flow naturally and smoothly.


Our brand needed to evolve and, in order to do this, we wanted to surround ourselves with the top professionals: those who are most creative, the most open-minded, those who take risks and inspire those around us. In short: those who can best fine tune the idea of Marset that we have in mind. Stefano Colli is one of those people.


A brand’s voice is heard through what they do and the way they do it; that’s where Stefano Colli and his team come in. In our case, their collaboration in corporate projects for offices, showrooms and stands at trade fairs has a direct involvement in how we communicate, and how we want the world to see us.

In each and every project, product or activity that we work on together, we live and share in the values that are transmitted through Stefano Colli’s works: The values of simplicity, austerity, material discourse, beauty, surprise and harmony.”


Javier Marset

“One of the aspects that stands out the most from our collaboration with Stefano Colli is his ability to fully understand the brief and the company’s needs and see, in turn, how these transfer to the project. Also worthy of note is the level of professionalism when developing and executing stands, reaching an extremely high standard in terms of quality, which is not easy to achieve in ephemeral architecture projects.


With Stefano Colli we have built a professional relationship that goes back a long way. His vision of things and, at the same time, the way he upholds the project principles are fundamental. I truly appreciate his ability to listen and understand, as well as the way he forges relationships that are always friendly and caring.”


Gabriel Moragas

“We needed a stand that was able to express the unique character of the three new collections; however, the minimal space available limited us greatly. Stefano proposed an attractive modular display system, that invited people in to discover each collection. The choice of materials proved to be key in making it the warm, natural space that we were looking for.”


Nani Marquina

“From the offset of the Pan Pan launch project, I have worked with Mayúscula Brands and Colli Martínez Arquitectos in the pursuit of innovation, creativity and technical support to build this new business. It was crucial to allow these experts to make decisions freely, adding a great deal of value to the business.


Working together from the very start made it possible to be very strict with the level of cohesion between each of the different parts of the project: Without a doubt, our interior design, brand, corporate identity, naming and strategy all follow along the same lines.


With the help of the corporate manual for interior design, we have managed to standardise the project, simplifying and streamlining the opening of points of sale. My experience in this project has confirmed to me that you achieve the best results with care, passion and rigour.”


Daniel Martí Navarro

“Getting together with Stefano to work on the project for the Phoenix stores in China was a success from the word go. We worked intensively to take on this great challenge: to shape a complex project whose identity encompassed a variety of different disciplines.


We’ve worked together with great agility and team spirit across all the stages of this long-term project. His experience and patience were key elements in the relationship with the client.”


Rocío Martí Navarro